CircleDB for CircleMUD

CircleDB is an sql database with a php frontend that can import, manipulate, and export CircleMud World database files (wld,shp,obj,mob,zon). The main purpose of this program was bring the power of sql/php to an offline CircleMud coding program.

Currently only the WLD file modules are complete. However, work is in progress on all the other file types. Also being worked on is a Mapper module that will graph out a map of a zone complete with objects, mobiles, shops, etc.

The WLD file module that is complete has many features to allow for ease of data import and or entry into the database. It also includes a nice navigation system that lets you move around the database of rooms the same way a user would in the game.

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(Note the size in parens, these are graphics and some are large.)
Main Menu (20k) WLD Menu (12k) WLD View/Edit Menu (65k)
WLD View/Edit Form (216k) MOB View/Edit Menu (21k) MOB View/Edit From (164k)
WLD Import Menu (65k) WLD Import Results (56k)  
WLD Export Menu (16k) WLD Export Results (51k)  

The CircleDB project page is:

You can see the current work being done through CVS here: Logo